fosteronfilm (fosteronfilm) wrote,

I'm Here - Film Review updates

A first real posting to LJ.
I'm here to keep my LJ friends up to date on my film reviews (as well as any info for the Dragon*Con Film Festival, which I run).

Here are my updates for the past two months. These are primarily new quick reviews:

Horror (General) list:
Bubba Ho-tep, Children of the Corn, Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice, The Dunwich Horror, Hideaway, Hollow Man, Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, Sleepwalkers, They, Waxwork, Wendigo, Willard.

Science Fiction (General) list:
The Chronicles of Riddick, The Day After Tomorrow, THX 1138.

Christmas list:
The Barber, Miracle on 34th Street '94.
Miscellaneous list:
Catwoman, The Forgotten.
Added I'll See You In My Dreams, Killing Kevin, and Never eveN to my list of Best Modern Short Films; also added a full critique of Never eveN.
Added my report on Sun Dance and the other Park City film festivals in January.

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